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Soup & Salad

Mullugatwaney Soup   2.95
A traditional lentil soup, choice of vegetable or chicken
Tomato Soup   2.95
Flavored with Indian spices
Vegetable Soup   2.95
Soup with mixed fresh vegetables
Chicken Corn Soup   3.95
Shredded chicken with creamy corn
Hot & Sour Chicken Soup   3.95
Shredded chicken with carrots, cabbage & onions seasoned to perfection with red chili, garlic & ginger
Garden Fresh Salad   2.95
Fresh cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes & carrots
Raita   3.95
Finely chopped onions, cucumbers with a traditional pinch of Indian spices
Russian Salad   6.95
Cabbage, apple, mayonnaise and chicken mixed to make a sweet and sour taste
Masala Papad   1.99
Fried papad topped with chopped tomatoes, onions, lentils and a pinch of red pepper
Pickles   1.95
Mixed vegetables with spices and oil


Samosas   2.95
2 spicy potato dumplings in dough shell served with yogurt chatni
Papdi Chaat   3.95
Homemade wheat cheps, diced potatoes and chickpeas smothered with whipped yogurt and tangy tamarind sauce
Dahi Wada   4.95
Fried lentil donuts soaked in yogurt
Aloo Tikki   4.95
Spicy potato cutlets
Garlic Mushrooms   4.50
Mushrooms cooked in mild, creamy garlic sauce
Teekha Jheenga   7.95
Bengal Bay jumbo shrimp battered in a spicy lentil flour and deep fried
Pani Puri   4.95
Small crisp puri with chana, potatoes, sweet chutney and pani puri masala
Sev Puri   4.95
Small crisp puri topped with potatoes, onions, sweet chutney, curd and thin Sev
Bhel Mix   4.95
Flat puris crushed and bhel mixed with curd and topped with cilantro and a pinch of red pepper
Paneer Pakora   4.95
Fried paneer cheese inside a crisp brown breaded shell
Chicken Pakora   5.95
Chicken fried in special Indian batter
Shrimp Pakora   7.95
Shrimp fried in special Indian batter
Assorted Pakora   5.95
A platter of all different Pakora

Clay Oven


Tandoor Chicken   8.95
Spicy chicken (2 leg pieces), marinated in garlic,spices & yogurt cooked in clay oven topped with fresh lemon juice
Chicken Tikka   9.95
6 pieces boneless white meat chicken marinate in herbs, yogurt & Taj Spices baked n tandoor
Mixed Grill    14.95
Combination of lamb and chicken marinated in chef's special spices cooked in tandoor & grilled with lightly topped lemon juice
Seekh Kebabs   12.95
Minced chicken and lamb meat seasoned with onions, herbs and exotic spices
Fish Tikka   14.95
Boneless fish marinated in our special sauce then delicately broiled in a tandoor
Tandoori Shrimp   15.95
Jumbo shrimp marinated in our special sauce then delicately broiled in a tandoor
Paneer Tikka   10.95
Paneer mixed with Indian spices and cooked in clay oven
Lahore Chat Kara   9.95
Very spicy chicken drumsticks cooked in the clay oven
Chicken Lollypop   12.95
4 pieces tender drumsticks fried with sweet Indian sauces and spices
Reshmi Kabab   10.95
Very mild chicken  cooked in clay oven
Behari Kabab   11.95
Thin sliced chicken or lamb marinated in onion, garlic, ginger
Heryali Tikka   10.95
Boneless chicken baked in cilantro and mint
Chicken Tandori Quarter Leg   5.95
Quarter piece leg marinated in special spices
Half Chicken Tandoori   13.95
Leg and breast piece marinated in special spices
Full Tandoori Chicken   17.95
Whole chicken marinated in special spices
Lamb Boti   12.95
Chunks of lamb cooked with onions, tomato, ginger, garlic and eggs.  The Best!
Chapli Kabab   8.95
Ground chicken or lamb, (3 pieces), cooked with onions, tomato, ginger, garlic and eggs
Lamb or Goat Chops   18.95
Cooked in clay oven with special Indian spices


Karahi Gosht   12.95
Tender goat meat cooked with fresh tomatoes, herbs and peppers
Achari Gosht   12.95
Fresh goat meat cooked with achari masala and herbs
Goat Curry   12.95
Goat cooked in special Indian curry
Goat Korma   12.95
Goat cooked in onions and tomato based sauce
Goat Vindaloo   13.95
Goat cooked in a spicy rich curry sauce
Goat Chop Masala   14.95
Goat chops cooked in a thick sauce


Chicken Jalfarezi   12.99
Tender chicken breast fillet marinated and stir fried with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes
Butter Chicken   11.95
Cubes of chicken breast marinated with thick creamy sauce with herbs
Chicken Korma   11.95
Chicken pieces cooked with onions and tomato base sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala   11.95
Chicken roasted in moderately spiced tomato sauce & cream
Kadai Chicken   12.95
Pieces of marinated chicken cooked and stir fried with exotic herbs in an Indian kadai
Chicken Madras   11.95
Boneless chicken cooked in delicious hot rich curry sauce
Chicken Dhansak   11.95
Boneless chicken cooked in a medium hot sweet & sour with lentil
Chicken Dopiaza   12.95
Chicken sautéed in fresh herbs and spices and loads of onions
Chicken Vindaloo   12.95
Boneless chicken cooked in delicious very hot rich curry sauce
Chicken Nihari   11.95
Chicken cooked over night with ginger, garlic, and thick sauce
Chicken Curry   11.95
Cubes sautéed with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers in a curry sauce
Chili Chicken   12.95
Chicken cooked in pepper sauce with a kick of green chilies
Lemon Chicken   14.95
Chicken cooked with fresh lemon
Chicken Saag   12.95
Fresh chicken cooked with fresh saag spinach
Chicken Kheema Mutter   12.95
Grounded chicken cooked with fresh peas
Moghal Mirch Masala   12.95
Chicken cooked with special Moghal spices
Haleem Chicken   13.95
Chicken cooked with 6 types of lentils served with ginger, jalapeño, lemon and fried onions
Mango Chicken   14.95
Chicken cooked in fresh mango thus very sweet
Chicken Kata Kat   14.95
Ground chicken cooked in hot plate with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, yogurt and butter with Taj Palace special sauce


Lamb Rogan Josh   12.95
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in thick aromatic sauce and Indian spices
Lamb Saag   12.95
Pieces of lamb cooked with garden fresh spinach and herbs
Lamb Korma   12.95
Lamb cooked in cream with freshly ground spices, herbs & nuts
Lamb Madras   13.95
Lean lamb cooked in "madrasi" style with hot spice and fresh lemon juice
Lamb Vindaloo   12.95
South Indian favorite! Highly spiced cooked in very hot sauce with potatoes
Lamb Dopiaza   12.95
Tender cubes of lamb cooked in fresh herbs, spices with extra onions and garnished with cilantro
Lamb Balti   13.95
Cubes of lamb cooked in Kahari (Indian wok) with tomatoes
Lamb Dhansak   13.95
Lamb cooked in sweet and sour hot sauce with lentil
Lamb Nihari   13.95
Lamb cooked over night with ginger, garlic and thick sauce
Lamb Curry   12.95
Lamb cooked in special curry
Lamb Kadai   13.95
Lamb cooked in tomato, jalapeño, ginger and fresh butter, served in Kadai
Broccoli Lamb   15.95
Pieces of lamb cooked with broccoli and Indian spices
Lamb Kheema Mutter   13.95
Grounded lamb cooked with fresh peas
Lamb Chop Masala   15.95
Lamb chops cooked in a special masala
Lamb Mango   14.95
Lamb cooked in a thick sauce and fresh mango

Traditional tribal nutrition handmade bread since 500 B.C.
cooked in a tandoor at 900 degrees temperature


Butter Naan   1.95
White flour bread topped with butter
Garlic Naan   1.95
White flour bread sprinkled with garlic
Keema Naan   2.50
Naan stuffed with ground meat
Aloo Paratha   2.50
Whole wheat bread stuffed with potato
Poori   2.50
Deep fried puffed light bread
Bread Basket   7.25
Plain naan, aloo naan & tandoori roti
Tafta Naan   4.50
Lightly buttered sweet naan bread baked with ground almonds, cashews and pistachios


Fish Curry Madras or Vindaloo   13.95
Fish cooked in a rich curry sauce. Madras being hot and vindaloo being very hot
Fish Tikka Masala   14.95
Fish tikka grilled in our tandoor clay pit oven and tossed in delicious creamy, tangy sauce
Sag Fish   13.95
Fish and spinach cooked with ginger, garlic, fresh herbs and spices
Fish Balti   13.95
Mahi Mahi fish sautéed in karahi with tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices
Shrimp Masala   15.95
Jumbo shrimp simmered in a mild creamy tomato sauce garnished with almond
Shrimp Korma   14.95
Shrimp simmered in a mild creamy coconut sauce garnished with almonds fresh herbs and spices
Shrimp Balti   15.95
Shrimp sautéed in an Indian wok with tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices
Shrimp or Fish Dhansak   15.95
Shrimp or fish cooked in medium hot sauce with lentil and a touch of fenugreek
Shrimp or Fish Jelfrazi   15.95
Jumbo shrimp or Fish sautéed with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers
Garlic Shrimp   15.95
Jumbo shrimp with shells marinated in herbs and spices and cooked in a special garlic sauce


Basmati Rice   1.95
Plain flavored rice
Vegetable Biryani   9.95
Vegetable cooked with rice and Indian spices
Chicken Biryani   11.95
Long grain saffron flavored Basmati rice coked with pieces of chicken in an array of mild spices
Taj Palace Biryani   14.95
Pieces of lamb cooked in Basmati rice with our chef's special spices and herbs served in a pot
Lamb Biryani   14.95
Lamb cubes flavored with special spices and saffron then steamed cooked with aromatic Basmati rice
Shrimp Biryani   14.95
Shrimp flavored with special spices and saffron then steamed cooked with aromatic Basmati rice


Bhindi Masala   9.95
Okra cooked with tomatoes, onions and spices
Chhole Masala   9.95
Chickpeas marinated with tamarind and spices
Mutter Paneer   10.95
Peas cooked in special sauce with paneer
Palak Paneer   9.95
Fresh spinach leaves cooked with aloo mutter & deep fried paneer
Bombay Aloo   9.95
Potatoes sautéed with ginger, garlic, onions, mustard seeds, cumin and touch of crushed red chili
Dal Fry/Dal Makhni   9.95
Slowly simmered mixed lentils sautéed in butter with ginger, garlic, tomatoes and cilantro
Malai Kofta   10.95
Mixed vegetables mashed and rolled into balls and cooked in spicy creamy butter sauce
Vegetable Jalfrezi   9.95
Mixed vegetables sautéed with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers in a curry sauce
Paneer Tikka Masala   10.95
Homemade cheese cooked in delicious tikka masala sauce with a touch of fenugreek
Paneer Chili   11.95
Homemade cheese cooked with black pepper and green chilies
Aloo Mutter   9.95
Potatoes cooked in a thick gravy with peas
Vegetable Korma   9.95
Vegetables cooked in a tomato based sauce
Bhindi Fry   9.95
Okra fried in special Indian spices


Vegetable Fried Rice   11.95
Rice fried with fresh tasty vegetables
Vegetable Noodles   10.95
Noodles cooked with fresh vegetables
Chicken Fried Rice   14.95
Rice fried with chicken and fresh tasty vegetables
Shrimp Fried Rice   15.95
Rice fried with shrimp and fresh tasty vegetables
Sweet and Sour Chicken   14.95
Taj Palace Chinese favorite cooked with special Indian spices
Strawberry Chicken   16.95
Chicken cooked in a thick sauce and fresh strawberries
Sesame Chicken   16.95
Small chicken pieces cooked in a thick gravy and sesame seeds
Orange Chicken   15.95
Pieces of chicken cooked in a thick gravy and fresh oranges
Ginger Chicken   14.95
Chicken cooked with ginger and served on a sizzling plate
Fried Chicken Wings   11.95
Deep-fried chicken wings, (4), with a special Indian twist
Chicken Noodles   12.95
Noodles cooked with chicken and fresh vegetables
Lamb Noodles   13.95
Noodles cooked with ground lamb and fresh vegetables
Sweet and Sour Lamb   15.95
Taj Palace Chinese favorite cooked with special Indian spices
Orange Lamb   16.95
Pieces of lamb cooked in a thick gravy and fresh oranges


Gulab Jamun   2.99
Milk puffs deep fried and soaked in honey and rose syrup
Kheer   3.95
Rice pudding with saffron and dry fruits
Mango/Pista/Malai Kulfi   2.95


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