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Delta Family Restaurant
5978 Delta Rd.
Delta, PA 17314
(717) 456-5233
Breakfast Specials
*Breakfast specials #1 through #21 are served
with coffee or hot tea
#1. 2 Eggs (any style) with home fries & toast$3.95
#2. 2 Eggs (any style) with home fries, toast, 3 strips of bacon OR sausage$5.00
#3. Cheese Omelet with home fries & toast$4.50
#4. Ham, Bacon OR Sausage Omelet with cheese, home fries & toast$5.50
#5. Western Omelet with home fries & toast$5.75
with ham, green peppers, and onions
#6. Broccoli & Cheese Omelet with home fries & toast$5.95
#7. 2 Pancakes, 2 Eggs (any style) and 2 strips of bacon or sausage$6.00
whole wheat or blueberry pancakes $.50 extra, chocolate chip pancakes $.75 extra
#8. 3 pieces of French Toast with 3 strips of bacon or sausage$5.75
#9. Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast$4.75
with home fries or grits  $5.75
#10. Belgian Waffle$3.95
with strawberry, apple, blueberry or cherry topping $4.95
#11. Oatmeal and toast$3.95
#12. Egg Beaters with home fries and toast$4.50
#13. 2 Eggs (any style) home fries, toast and choice of ham or scrapple$5.25
#14. Country Sausage Gravy over Biscuits$4.75
with home fries $5.75
#15. Mushroom & Cheese Omelet with home fries and toast$5.45
#16. Super Omelet with home fries and toast$6.00
bacon, sausage, green peppers, onions & cheese
#17. 2 Whole Wheat Pancakes$5.25
3 Whole Wheat Pancakes $5.95- strawberry, apple, blueberry or cherry topping $1.00 extra
#18. 2 Fruit Filled Pancakes$4.50
strawberry, apple, blueberry or cherry - 3 Pancakes $6.25
#19. Egg & Cheese Sandwich on English Muffin$3.25
#20. Egg & Cheese Sandwich with ham, bacon OR sausage on English Muffin$3.75
#21. Chicken Fried Steak with pan gravy, 2 eggs (any style) and home fries$7.45
#22. Children's Specials (12 and under):$3.45
Choice of 1 piece french toast OR 1 pancake with 1 egg and 1 piece of bacon OR sausage (chocolate chip pancake $.70 extra)
*Additional charge of $.50 for chipped beef
or sausage gravy on home fries

Breakfast Menu

1 Egg (any style) with Toast and Jelly$2.50
2 Eggs (any style) with Toast and Jelly$3.15
2 Eggs (any style) with home fries, toast and jelly$3.75
     with bacon or sausage$4.95
     with scrapple or ham$5.45
Country Style$4.25
2 eggs scrambled with home fries and onions served with toast and jelly

Served with Home Fries, Toast and Jelly
Plain Omelet$3.95
Cheese Omelet$4.45
Ham, Bacon or Sausage Omelet$5.25
Broccoli Omelet$5.00w/ cheese   $5.85
Western Omelet$5.25
omelet with green peppers, onions and ham
Greek Omelet$5.25
Omelet with feta cheese
   With onions and tomatoes$6.00
Crabmeat Omelet$7.75
Spanish Omelet$6.25
omelet with green peppers, onions, tomatoes and Provolone topped with meat sauce
Gyro or Chicken Gyro Omelet$6.00
   With feta cheese$6.95
Super Omelet$6.25
omelet with sausage, bacon, green peppers, onions and cheese
*Egg whites or egg beaters available $1.00 extra

*Cheese $.85 extra

*Add tomatoes, onions, green peppers to any omelet $.50 extra

*Add Ham, Bacon or Sausage to any omelet $1.75 extra

Served with butter and syrup
2 Buttermilk Pancakes$3.45
3 Buttermilk Pancakes$4.50
2 Blueberry Pancakes$4.25
3 Blueberry Pancakes$5.25
2 Whole Wheat Pancakes$4.25
3 Whole Wheat Pancakes$5.25
French Toast 2 Pieces$3.95
3 Pieces$4.25
Belgian Waffle$3.95
Belgian Waffle with one topping$4.95
blueberry, cherry, apple or strawberry
*Whipped Cream $.50 extra

Served on your choice of white, whole wheat
or rye bread or toast
Fried Egg$1.75 with cheese$2.25
Bacon and Egg$2.75 with cheese$3.25
Ham and Egg$2.75 with cheese$3.25
Sausage and Egg$2.75 with cheese$3.25
Scrapple and Egg$2.75 with cheese$3.25
Western Egg$3.45 with cheese$3.95
green peppers, onions and ham  
*Any sandwich above on English muffin or Bagel $.50 extra
Bacon, lettuce and tomato on toast with mayonnaise

Cold Cereal with milk$2.25
Hot Oatmeal with milk$3.00
Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast with home fries$5.75
Sausage Gravy over Biscuits with home fries$5.95
9 ounce New York Strip Steak with 2 eggs (any style), home fries and toast$11.25

1 egg (any style)$.85
2 eggs (any style)$1.75
Side of Egg Beaters$1.75
3 Strips of Bacon or Sausage$2.50
Scrapple or Ham$3.00
Corn Beef Hash$2.50
Home fries$2.25
    with creamed chipped beef or sausage gravy$3.00
Toast or Biscuit with butter and jelly$1.35
English Muffin with butter$1.75
Bagel with butter$1.75
    with cream cheese$2.00
Cheese, Raspberry, Apple or Cinnamon Raisin
Cinnamon Roll$2.25
Cup of Sausage gravy or Chipped Beef$2.00

Delta Family Restaurant
5978 Delta Rd.
Delta, PA 17314
(fax) 456-6451

Fri & Sat

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