Cross Keys Diner

Monday thru Thursday 3PM-9PM
Choice of Any Two Of the Following Meals Including Dessert  $11.95!

Liver and Onions w/2 Vegetables
Spaghetti & Meatballs w/Salad
Baked Chicken Pot Pie w/Salad
Baked Lasagna w/Salad
Hog Maw w/2 Vegetables
Baked Meatloaf w/2 Vegetables
Chicken Croquettes w/2 Vegetables
Beef Tips Over Noodles w/Salad
Chicken & Waffles w/Mashed Potatoes
Ham Loaf w/2 Vegetables
Salisbury Steak w/2 Vegetables
Broasted Chicken w/2 Vegetables
Grilled Chicken Livers Over Rice w/Salad
Fried Haddock w/2 Vegetables
Chicken Tenders (3) w/2 Vegetables
Taco Salad
Chef Salad

Cross Keys Buffett's

Luncheon Buffet ~ $6.59
Monday through Friday 11am-2pm

Smorgasbord ~ $8.99
Friday Night 4pm-9pm

Breakfast Buffet ~ $7.99
with Omelet Station
Sunday 8am-1pm

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